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Cognitive and Educational Assessments

Cognitive Assessment IQ Test

Cognitive assessments are an intelligence test  used to determine an individual’s general thinking and  reasoning abilities, also known as intellectual functioning or IQ. Intelligence testing can assess various domains of the individual’s cognitive capacity.

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Symptoms associated with cognitive

There are many reasons why a cognitive assessment is undertaken
  • To obtain an accurate profile of an individual’s overall intellectual functioning or IQ level
  • To identify an individual’s cognitive strengths and  weaknesses
  • To assist in exploring an individual’s learning difficulties
To assist in the examination of:
  • Intellectual giftedness
  • Specific learning disabilities
  • Intellectual disability

A Cognitive assessment may test for the following

Verbal Comprehension

Understanding  verbal information, thinking in words and expressing thoughts in words

Perceptual Reasoning

Ability to organise and reason with visual information, and to solve visual problems

Working Memory

Ability to retain and manipulate verbal information

Processing Speed

Aability to scan, process and identify information accurately.

What is an intellectual disability?

These cognitive assessments are designed to check for things like mild, moderate or severe cognitive impairment. This is where a person may have difficulties processing thoughts. As such, they may demonstrate particular symptoms such as repeating questions, regularly misplacing items, losing focus, trouble understanding either/both written and verbal information as well as forgetting appointments.

This test cannot alone diagnose cognitive impairment but is enlisted to analyse the participant’s thought processes. When used in addition to an adaptive skills assessment, the assessor is able to determine the presence of an intellectual disability and make recommendations as to what adjustments need to be made in the individual’s life.

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Cognitive assessments provide a measure of general intelligence and cognitive ability. Using the Wechsler intelligence tests (WISC-V, WAIS-IV) we are able to assess both children, adolescent and adults